SAGE Housing Inc. is powered by real estate professionals with over 25 years of experience managing and developing affordable housing. SAGE provides expertise and support to developers, owners and managers throughout the development and lifespan of a property to ensure compliance with all federal and state funding programs. We are experts in understanding and utilizing tools such as tax credit allowances, grant programs and CDBG funds to sustain affordable housing by bringing new life to properties in need of renovation. Most importantly, SAGE has a particular expertise and commitment in developing and promoting resident relationships, both on and off-site, in order to foster individual and family growth, maintain value, and sustain healthy communities.

At SAGE Housing Inc. we know that sometimes affordable housing alone is not enough for low-income people to achieve housing stability and prevent homelessness or to enable families and individuals to move up and out of poverty. Residents often need to be connected to qualified services in the community or to have access to crucial services on-site such as community gardens or child and elder care. We also know through a long and productive relationship with our partner, Housing Management Resources, Inc., that a skillful blending of sound property management with connected human services can maintain value, transform neighborhoods into healthy communities, and foster local economic development. Providing quality affordable housing, promoting supportive living environments, and enhancing community development go hand-in-hand. SAGE is committed to assisting owners and residents in developing public and private partnerships for on-site and off-site resident programs so that everyone together can build communities within the community. We also believe it is key to our mission to assist owners in successfully applying for funding and financing options that bring new life to properties in need of renovation. At SAGE we believe the stable affordable housing is the foundation for building healthy communities where residents can grow and prosper together.